If you require a mould we design and manufacture the mould for you.  Any existing moulds we will assist with production of your product.

Turn Over Plastics is about offering high quality service, high quality products and top quality performance to our clients.

Turn Over Plastics is an Australian owned Company. Our business has developed over the past 25 years to cater for the needs of customers requiring rotationally moulded products. At Turn Over Plastics we specialise in product design and mould manufacture.  As an Australian business we manufacture the moulds and associated tooling to produce the end product to your specifications. 
As a business we offer confidentiality, with smaller quantities of product an option, many years of experience in engineering and rotational moulding. We consult to establish our Customer's needs and we aim at achieving excellent outcomes.
Most of our products are made from polyethylene. Polyethylene comes in a vast range of colours and grades suitable for different applications. Also available with a UV stabilise package making it suitable for a long life in exposed conditions.
Turn Over Plastics has developed a number of their own products as well as custom moulding for new and existing customers

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