Established in 1986
With quality Tradesmen combining over 85 years of experience we bring to you the best of our expertise.

Our History

Pennyweight Engineering was incorporated in 1989 after trading as Beechworth Engineering from 1986 - 1989. The business was originally based on servicing the needs of locals requiring repairs and replacement components for farm and industrial equipment and also manufacturing small components for a company in Dandenong Victoria.
As we grew from this start up in a small rural shed on the outskirts of town we required a larger premises. An industrial block was purchased in Crawford Street Beechworth which is the nominated Industrial Area of town.
A factory was fabricated and erected by ourselves and the Company was founded in 1989. We moved into machinery manufacturing such as automated wood-working machinery and packaging equipment. Steel Sales was added to the services offered, along with general machining, fabrication of sheds, carports, gates and a variety of maintenance and repair type services.
After 31 years of trading we offer site welding and erecting of structural steel for housing etc light and medium fabricating machine shop and steel sales.

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